All the web's indeed a stage...

Web VR Canada is an immersive experience studio — using the fledgling technologies of today to create dynamic and engaging virtual reality experiences on the Open Web.

Web VR Canada was founded in 2016 by Pete Gray and Craig Riddock. Pete and Craig worked together with VRML way back in the '90s through houseof3d.com. Pete has worked with the web ever since - and Craig with 3D modelling. With the flood of hardware and software hitting the mainstream this year, we feel the time has come to get back into VR on the web.

Our Virtual Office

Web VR Canada Virtual Office on Beloola.com

We wanted a "virtual space" on the web where we could interact socially and professionally with eachother and whomever. We looked at some of the platform-specific social VR spaces, and while they have great looks, and thriving populations of people interested in VR, they simply don't measure up to our ideals of "Run Everywhere". With Beloola, we can post a simple link, and anyone, with any hardware, can join us in our space. Anyone with goggles can visit immersively. True social VR on the Open Web.

We bring time-honoured skills to a medium in its infancy — performance arts, analytics, development, graphic arts, engineering and storytelling.

Art & Science. Code & Design. Tech & Psych.

For more information, please contact pete@webvr.ca